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Manifests often extend across more than one page. Your passenger may be listed in this page, or a few pages forward or back. To see other pages, click 'previous' or 'next.' Note: each page must be saved separately to Your Ellis Island File.
George Washington
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 Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page #  165
 Mislej, Filip September 01, 1913 Bremen 0011
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Manifest for George Washington
Sailing from Bremen
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence
0001.  Guszek, Wicenty M 35y M Austrian Biala, Galicia
0002.  Guszek, Rosalin F 29y M Austrian Biala, Galicia
0003.  Guszek, Franciszch M 9y S Austrian Biala, Galicia
0004.  Klemens, Franc M 27y M Austrian Krib, Carmiela
0005.  Vecimer, Anna F 37y M Austrian Gorica, Carmiela
0006.  Vecimer, Jancz M 17y S Austrian Gorica, Carmiela
0007.  Zadohuk, Franica F 35y S Austrian Zadole, Carmiela
0008.  Korosec, Miha M 22y M Austrian Misturje, Sayria
0009.  Korosec, Marta F 22y M Austrian Misturje, Sayria
0010.  Korosec, Franc M 11m S Austrian Misturje, Sayria
0011.  Mislej, Filip M 25y S Austrian Lorice, Carniela
0012.  Lozar, Franz M 27y S Austrian St. Vid, Caniela
0013.  Pavicic, Dune M 18y S Hungarian Baric..., Croatia
0014.  Pavicic, Jova M 16y S Hungarian Baric..., Croatia
0015.  Brkic, Jova M 22y M Hungarian Baric..., Croatia
0016.  Roksami, Juro M 18y S Hungarian Balina, Croatia
0017.  Roksami, Mile M 23y S Hungarian Balina, Croatia
0018.  Peris, Hija M 18y S Hungarian Losice, Croatia
0019.  Kardis, Hija M 19y M Hungarian Kordice, Croatia
0020.  Strman, Dako F 21y M Hungarian Restova, Croatia
0021.  Dragawa, Zofia F 28y M Austrian Dulcza, Galicia
0022.  Dragawa, Jan F 4y S Austrian Dulcza, Galicia
0023.  Dragawa, Marya F 10m S Austrian Dulcza, Galicia
0024.  Klap, Petro M 17y S Austrian Skwirtne, Galicia
0025.  Guewa, Julian M 21y S Austrian Grybow, Galicia
0026.  Sepin, Karaly M 27y M Hungarian Hungary
0027.  Veisa, Vundel M 17y S Hungarian Hungary
0028.  Kata, Gabar M 38y M Hungarian Hungary
0029.  Toth, Josef M 19y S Hungarian Hungary
0030.  Aes, Gyorgy M 26y M Hungarian Hungary
 Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line # Page #  165
 Mislej, Filip September 01, 1913 Bremen 0011
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